Monday, 8 March 2010

Hackney wind turbine - enough energy to power a child's torch?

When Hackney Council published its own response to the public consulation ('Green power on Hackney Marshes') it announced:

'The two wind turbines together could generate enough green electricity to power Hackney’s main council buildings and nearly all of its street lighting.'

But as I showed in Facts about the proposed wind turbine on Hackney marshes, Hackney Council just doesn't know how much power could be generated by its proposed turbine. It doesn't know the maximum output and it doesn't know the likely output. It doesn't even know how many days a year the rotor blades won't be turning at all.

Now it may seem a little silly to ask whether a turbine mounted on top of a mast the height of a tower crane could produce enough energy to light a child's torch.

Of course it could. But at the time of posting this, Hackney council just couldn't tell you how many children's torch bulbs it could light.

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