Monday, 8 March 2010

Eton Manor wind turbine backgrounder

In its reply to my original FOIA request, Hackney council refers to another proposed windmill at Eton Manor Here's an extract from the section describing this wind turbine:

The proposed wind turbine is a tall, moving structure that is to be located within the Eton Manor site in the north of the Olympic Park. Its maximum height is 130m. Its three blades will move around a horizontal axis and will be connected to the tower at a hub height of up to 83.5m. The diameter of the circle described by the blades may be up to 93m. The flexibility in the height and diameter is required in order that the selection of a manufacturer is not restricted at this stage.

The hub allows the blades to turn towards the wind and contains all of the gearing mechanisms. It is proposed that the turbine will be light grey in colour. The speed of the revolution of the blades will be controlled, with their movement cutting out at low or high wind speeds. The movement of the blades is likely to make this a significant feature that will generally be seen above the existing skyline within views.

The Wind Turbine is to provide renewable energy for the Games and Legacy communities and deliver significant carbon mitigation in supply of energy. A substation enclosure will house the electrical equipment required to connect the turbine into the site-wide electricity network.

What interests me about this high-level description of the Eton Manor turbine is that once again, there's just no mention of its designed power output. Instead, we just have the impressive-sounding claim that it will 'deliver significant carbon mitigation.' How, significant?

Come on. Once again, we need a few hard facts. What's the power output in megawatts?

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  1. Extract from Hackney Council's reply to my request under FOIA:

    "Ecotricity, a turbine developer - working with the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and Lea Valley Regional Park Authority - has assessed the viability of delivering a turbine at Eton Manor, which is land adjacent to East Marsh. The background work undertaken for the Eton Manor turbine project has helped inform consideration of delivering a turbine of a similar specification at East Marsh."