Wednesday, 1 December 2010

End of the road for Hackney marshes wind turbine

'No turbine on Hackney Marshes,' reports Hackney council's free sheet, Hackney Today (29 November 2010, p3).

The newspaper reports the Mayor, Jules Pipe, as saying '...the current economic situation has resulted in the banks making it more difficult for electricity generating companies to borrow the money they need to build such turbines...'

This statement is credible, but fails to stress that the council's claims for any potential turbine's efficiency became progressively less believable from the moment the council began its public consultation in 2009.

This blog reported that a wind turbine would generate less than half the council's claimed output.   My in-depth analysis of the claim  was also published in the Hackney Citizen in July this year.

According to the Hackney Gazette (December 1, 2010)  Mischa Borris, Green councillor for Clissold ward in Stoke Newington, said the news that the turbine would now not go ahead was “very disappointing”.

On the other hand, footballers using the space were reported to be 'delighted' that the total area of pitches available to them would no longer be cut.