About this blog

When, towards the end of January this year, Hackney council announced its completed consultation on the wind turbine on Hackney Marshes, I felt I'd missed a trick. I hadn't taken part in the consultation, but I felt I should have done.

I didn't yet have a firm view on whether the Hackney Marshes should have a wind turbine. Why? Because I was missing some basics that would help me reach a decision. I wanted to know whether the thing would work. How much power would it reliably produce?

The various celebratory messages I'd read on the council's own website and in a number of media outlets - even those that should know better - suggested the turbine could be a credible source of power for council buildings and streetlights. But I couldn't find a single figure to back this up. And that's because there isn't one.

I put this blog up overnight, on 8 March, the day I received a reply to my request for information from Hackney council under the Freedom of Information Act.

At the point of publishing the first post, I still didn't have a view firmly for or against the wind turbine on the marshes.

I'm still looking for the basic information - data, if that isn't a dirty word - that will convince me either way.

This blog may prove ephemeral. As for the Hackney wind turbine, let's see.